Weigh-In Wednesday #77 – 150.8

Oh geez, a baby kitten has singled me out in the alley.  It has to be about 8 weeks old, and it is super adorable.  But… I can’t keep it since I already have two cats.  What should I do with it?  Take it to the Humane Society?  I think the mom is out there too, so I’m definitely considering getting her fixed.  It is nearly impossible for me to look away from a kitten, so if she has anymore I am doomed.  Doomed I say!  They always manage to find me.  Or maybe others find them too, but they have more cute animal self-control than I do.  I just can’t take knowing that an animal is suffering when I can do something about it.  This is exactly why we should all spay and neuter our pets and “adopt not shop.”  So many amazing animals are waiting at the Humane Society and Animal Control for someone to bring them home, and a lot don’t make it to that point because of the high volume that come through on a daily basis.  Just something to think about to help make our community a better place for us and our furry friends.

I am starting to get some butterflies in my stomach as our big shoot day for CRUSH gets closer and closer.  Last night Rebecca and I had a great brainstorming session with Callie, our lead actress, and Lily Li, our stylist assistant extraordinaire.  Luckily it is just a one day shoot, even though we have to fit a ton in those 24 hours.  Once Saturday comes and goes, we will be smooth sailing with the editing process which I find to be much more laid back than the production itself.  It’s all very exciting, but I guess I am also trying to mentally prepare myself for anything that might go wrong as well. Maybe I should just stop worrying, as I was told recently by two different people that I could stand to take a chill pill every now and then.  🙂  You can only control things to a certain point… and the rest is beyond our power to steer.  I am learning to let go a little more.