I had a great time last night at the Birmingham’s Best party.  It is still very cool and unexpected to have been picked as Birmingham’s Best Blog… so I really tried to enjoy the honor while I was there.  Who knows it if will ever happen again!!  🙂

I woke up this morning with even more butterflies in my stomach.  Luckily they are happy, beautiful butterflies… but by tomorrow they might turn into the carnivorous stomach eating variety.  I am working half a day today, then this afternoon I start collecting all of the last-minute needed items for our shoot tomorrow and set up our filming location.  Today is also the last day of our Kickstarter campaign if anyone would still like to donate.  It would be really great to reach $3,000, but we are so grateful to be at the amount we are right now.  Thanks again so much for supporting our project!

Did anyone else have a crazy day yesterday?  I swear there were some cosmic storms going on or something.  Weird things kept happening to me and other people all day long.  I do read one astrology site, Astrology Zone, and Susan Miller says that this weekend is supposed to be pretty terrible for most people.  How’s that for a pick-me-up this Friday?  🙂  I know it sounds silly to some, but I do think some of the trends she predicts end up happening. Other times however she is waaaaaaaaaay off.  I am hoping that this is one of the times she is wrong!

With Lindsay, David & Vero at the Birmingham's Best Party