I just finished cleaning the set with Rebecca and returning all of the chairs from our Crush shoot yesterday!  It has been a long, but amazingly awesome, weekend.  Of course I had my typical anxiety & worry about the shoot itself, but once it started it just felt like everything was going to work out great… and that’s exactly what happened.  Rebecca and I got there around 6 a.m. and picked up where we had left off the night before to prepare for everyone’s arrival.  The skeleton crew showed up around 7 a.m., then wardrobe & talent came at 9:30.  Since we didn’t have a massive crew, we set-up until about 1 or so then immediately started filming.  The pace at first was very relaxed until we realized around dinnertime that if we continued moving that slowly we would never finish.  So everyone brought their A-game and we made it move pretty quickly after that.  Sometimes you just need a little while to get your groove.   I haven’t directed a film since 2006, so I was definitely rusty… but it came back like riding a bike after an hour or two.  This was Rebecca’s first time as a director, and she did a fantastic job.  It is really hard to co-direct a film, but we got through it with flying colors.  I feel like it brought me back into the filmmaking world, while it gave her a running start.  The footage we captured is better than we could have ever imagined due to the talents folks we had around us.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like all put together!

Another really cool thing happened this weekend… my sister Christy completed her first Half Ironman in Augusta, Georgia!  I am so proud that I could pop!  She really battled with whether or not to do it, as she just got back from a long vacation that was hard for her to train on.  But she finished, and I know she has to be floating in the clouds right now with happiness.  🙂  Looks like we both accomplished big dreams this weekend!

On the set of "Crush"

My sister Christy with our mom at the Augusta Half Ironman!