I took a little bit of time off of work this morning to relax after the big weekend and finish a few last-minute errands.  I didn’t really sleep in too much because I woke up daydreaming about all of the wonderful footage we captured.  🙂  Looks like Joe Walker, our editor, is giving us both a DVD today of the raw footage to watch and make notes from.  I can’t wait to look at it tonight and really absorb what we did.

Now that we are finished with the shoot itself, my goal is to bring the excitement levels in my personal life down a few notches.  While looking at my calendar last week, I have a really good opportunity to build some quiet in over the next few months.  I hope I take advantage of that.

While driving chairs back to their owners yesterday, I was thinking about all of the people who gave in some form or fashion to our little film.  Some of you gave money, some of you gave time, some of you gave words of advice and some of you shared your unique talents.  We are so grateful, I hope you know that.  I’ve already started a pretty big list of names that we would like to thank in our credits.  It seems like a small thing to offer back, but I hope it’s enough.

Now that I have the filmmaking bug again, I wonder what I will do next?  I don’t think I’ll wait another 6 years to make another one… but I do think the smart thing to do is wait and see what happens with this project.  Maybe early next year I can start thinking about what that next one will be.  I have a feeling that my first feature could happen in the next several years, which would be a huge undertaking.  But I know I can do it, as long as it’s something I really really really want to do.  That is the key – no more doing things for the recognition or superficial reasons, from here on out if I do something it will be for me.