Weigh-In Wednesday #78: 152.2

Last night before going to bed, I picked up a workbook I had used a few months back on how to find your authentic self.  One of my favorite sections was where it asked you to sketch some of your favorite things and explain why you loved them so much.  As someone who can actually draw, I did a really crappy job of depicting some of these images.  🙂  It was really funny, and enlightening, to go back and see what I had done for these sections.  At the end of the exercise, it asked a simple question – do you see yourself in any of these descriptions, either as you are right now or how you’d like to be?  I am including a few of my terrible drawings below, but some I am leaving off.  I did find that most of my descriptions represented something that I would like to be or to have.  I thought that was pretty interesting.  (Sorry for the dark images!)