It’s Friday!  Thanks goodness.  I am looking forward to the perfect fall weather this weekend – tomorrow the high is supposed to be 69 degrees!  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. I really want to go outside at some point and just camp out in a park on a blanket and read or take a nap.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Yay for fall.

Last night I went to see a local play called That Championship Season that a friend of mine named Kevin stars in at Birmingham Festival Theatre.   I really enjoyed it, even though it was very masculine in tone & topic.  It felt very “Mad Men” like.  Kevin always does a really good job, but the rest of the cast was also great as well.    I always find myself asking, how do actors remember so many lines?  I just can’t even fathom trying to remember 5 lines, much less 2 hours worth.  I guess that’s why they practice so much.  Anyway if you get a chance to see this production, you should.

Do you know what tomorrow is?  The first day of October!  I can’t believe I am so behind on picking out a Halloween costume for this year.  I still have four full weeks to make it happen, but I at least need to decide on what I will be.  Katy Perry again?  A ficus tree?  A Katy Perry ficus tree?  I have no clue.  Suggestions are welcome.

Today I’d like to grab lunch from the Greek Food Festival downtown, then tonight I am having a glass of wine or two with my dear friend Vero.  As for the rest of the weekend… I am wide open!  See, I am learning to be a little unstructured.  🙂