Last night I had a really good time with girlfriends.  First, right after work, I went and had a drink or two with some coworkers at a great little place in Homewood that shall remain unnamed to keep the masses away.  It’s a little bit of a drive from where I’m used to hanging out, but it was worth it.  After that, a few of them came back to my place and Vero joined us around 7 or so.  She made some delicious & healthy food – asian crackers with a peanut butter/Greek yogurt dip and some vegetarian spring rolls with butternut squash and cucumber.  It was a perfect night with friends just talking about life with a glass of wine in our hands.

This morning is off to a slow start, as I have nothing on my agenda for the day.  I’m still in bed as a matter of a fact!  I would like to get a run in at some point in this cool fall weather.  It couldn’t be a more perfect day outside.

Peaceful Morning