Weigh-In Wednesday #79: 151.2

OK – so this is COMPLETELY RANDOM and unplanned… but yesterday I was talking about my blog strategy with my coworker & friend Sarah, and she mentioned that she had just come across a blog on how to make your own better.  She couldn’t remember anything but one point off of the top of her head, and that was to go back to the prior year’s entry and write something based on your life exactly one year ago.  She even sent me the article, which I haven’t read yet, but that one idea stuck with me.  So this morning I went to look and see what my entry was exactly one year ago today… and do you know what it was?  It was the official Weigh-In Wednesday where I had completed my weight-loss goal!  You can read it here.  I honestly thought it was later this month, but it is indeed today.  What a proud moment for me to relive.  It is actually a little bit of a mind trip to see where I was in my life at that time outside of the weight-loss.  A lot can happen in a year.

Most of my goals from that time are very different compared to what they are now.  While my health & weight will always be something I watch very closely, I’m not as driven by it as I once was.  This time last year the end-all-be-all was my next race or next wellness challenge.  Now, it’s much more laid back and more about being in the here and now.  Sometimes I think I haven’t made much progress towards being content, but when I compare myself to just a year ago I know I have come a long way already.

What is ever funnier is that I ended my blog post this time last year on the book I want to write… and my thoughts behind it now are pretty different.  Some of the best ideas come to me when I am going to sleep, and I had an especially good one last night for the structure/concept of it.  I’ve struggled with whether or not it would be fiction or nonfiction, where the actual timeline would fall if it was based on The Jen West Quest, etc.  But I think I’ve finally got it!  It literally struck like lightning, and I’ve been waiting sooooo long for it to come to me.  It will be fiction based on fact, with creative liberties based on the story.  I’ve always felt boxed in by my own story, so I think the answer is to create a whole new character with her own identity.  To give you a general idea, I’m thinking the concept is based on a seemingly “normal” girl who is living the life she’d really like to have through an anonymous blog, and trouble ensues when her separate identities start to collide with one another.  I think that’s a pretty good shell to work off of, and I have plenty of ideas and visuals already to go along with it.  I needed something simple to give me a definitive structure and inspiration, and by George, I think that’s it.

Happy one year anniversary to me!!!