Haaaaaaaaappy Friday!!!  Happy happy happy happy Friday…

Last night as I was leaving Sloss Furnace (one of my favorite places on earth), I was the first car caught waiting as a very long train went by.  As it passed, my mind started to drift to a happy place.  I turned my radio off and just listened to the wheels on the tracks.  I could see downtown Birmingham off to my right in the night sky. No one ever pulled up behind me, so it seemed as if it was my own special moment.  So on that note, today I want to write a list of things that bring me comfort.  One of the things my therapist taught me is to find, recognize and remember these things because it’s so important to be able to take care of yourself in healthy ways.

Things that bring me comfort:

1.  Being with a close friend
2.  My home
3.  Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons Pandora stations
4.  My cats
5.  A hot bath
6.  My leopard print house robe  🙂
7.  Hot chocolate at work
8.  Floor heaters and space heaters
9.  Neck massages
10.  Fuzzy socks
11.  Movies
12.  The sound a train
13.  The sound of birds
14.  Fall wind
15.  Any kind of magazine
16.  Breakfast
17.  Writing in my blog
18.  Going for a short run around the golf course
19.  Vacuuming
20.  Popcorn
21.  Lunch with coworkers
22.  Jeans
23.  Warm clothes out of the dryer
24.  A soft blanket
25.  Fridays and Saturdays