Yesterday was a good day for many reasons… mostly starting from the afternoon on.  My sister Christy, her husband Mike and daughter Anna were in town, so we all got together at my mom & dad’s house for a dinner at 5.  Christy and I have a specific chemistry that is very unique in my life.  We disagree on almost all points when it comes to religion and politics, but with that comes a solid acceptance of each other. We haven’t always been that way, and we’ve certainly had our fair share of fights growing up.  Since she is only a year and half younger than me, our lives have been intertwined in many respects creating a closeness that is hard to duplicate.  There is something about a person that you can fight with, then make up easily with.  I think it can make a relationship stronger.  I don’t think there is another human on the planet that can make me laugh as much as she can, too.  I was in tears at least 5 or 6 times yesterday, literally gasping for air.  Come to think of it, everyone in my family has a great ability to let go when we are around each other.  We may not always get along, because we definitely don’t, but it’s nights like yesterday that make me so appreciative to have every single one of them.  I definitely think it is because we are so open and honest with each other about who we are.  I try to be that vulnerable in other areas of life, sometimes with difficulty, so it’s good that I have that foundation to work from.

Last night was also pretty wonderful.  Sometimes you cross paths with individuals who really mean something to you, and while I care deeply for a lot of people in my life, it’s very special when you can find another soul that you really connect with on a level that isn’t accessible to most.  Those are very important life experiences, the kind that make it worth living.