As I sit here and try to write my blog on this Saturday afternoon, Lily, my niece, just let go of my foot and walked about 4 steps all on her own!  This isn’t terribly new, but definitely new to this week.  I never knew I could love two little girls more than I do my two nieces, they bring me so much happiness.  It’s so interesting to see their personalities grow as their bodies do.  I’ve also learned a lot about the Sprout channel just from randomly hanging out… and discovered my brother’s obsession with Nina (aka Michele Lepe) from The Good Night Show.  🙂  He knows waaaaay too much information about her.  I’m pretty sure he has her head shot saved to his computer.

I wish I had more interesting things to say to you today – but honestly I am just on cruise control and my brain is currently OFF.  I just needed to do my part in sharing the Nina love with you.  Happy Saturday!


Nina from The Good Night Show