This morning was my first day of boot camp at Firm Body Boot Camps (Homewood Park location), and I feel like I might vomit.  They have several classes throughout the day, with the first one being at 5:30… which is usually filled to capacity.  I thought getting there at 6:30 was plenty early, considering the stars were still out when I arrived.  As I drove up I saw people swings ropes and pulling tires, and I immediately questioned what I had gotten myself into.  I was pretty nervous as it was without having a visual to go along with it.  When I first walked up, Roman yelled a big hello to me from across the park and I quickly felt at ease.  The people who attend these classes are not super athletes, just normal everyday folks, so I felt like I fit in pretty well right off the bat.  The exercises/circuits that they have you do are easily modified to your own ability and are at relatively low risk for injury.  With that being said, it totally kicked my butt and I literally almost threw up on the last circuit.  Actually, I still feel like I might throw up.  🙂  I am pretty sure as the day goes on it is going to be harder and harder to move, only because I haven’t done anything like this in a few months.  All and all, it was super high energy fun and I am looking forward to the next session on Wednesday morning!

It was a really great weekend hopefully leading into a really great week.  Yesterday I spent some time writing in a local coffee shop, which I really enjoy doing on a quiet day. I love to order a non-fat hot chocolate, put on my earphones and just type or write away.  I usually end up daydreaming half of the time or watching other people doing the same thing as myself.  I wonder what they are working on or looking at on their own computers or notebooks.  Every now and then I make accidental eye contact with another coffee shop dweller and both of us quickly look away as if nothing ever happened.  My favorite places to go in town are either Crestwood Coffee or Forest Perk, as both are very conducive to sparking creative energy.

I am pretty content with life right now.  I feel like I am on the right path both professionally and personally.  A good friend at work gave me a compliment last week and told me that I was a quick healer, since I am so proactive in trying to make myself better during or after difficult circumstances.  And even though there may be some things that I want that I either can’t or don’t have in my life right now, I feel like I am pretty lucky duck.