My friend and coworker Sarah attended an HR class yesterday where she took the Myers and Briggs test.  She said that as she was completing it and as they were going over the answers, she kept thinking, “that sounds just like Jennifer West.”  So she gave me a score based on what she thought I was, an ENFP:  Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.  If you look at the description of this personality here, it does bear a striking resemblance.  I especially love the line that reads, “they are good at most things which interest them.”  Oh… so true.  If I lose interest in something, it’s kaput.  Luckily for me it’s relatively easy to remain inspired by things and people.  I think I’ve actually taken this test online once before, and got the same results as she predicted.  That Sarah is a smart one.  🙂

Another thing that I read in the personality description was the word “intense.”  That is the second time I’ve either read or heard that about myself this week. I guess being intense isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve never thought of that as being a key word to describe me as a person.  I guess I am fairly focused and in-tune with how I feel… and on top of that I’m not afraid to share it with whoever is around me.

Today’s post is going to be a short one, as I missed my opportunity to write this morning at my usual time.  So have a wonderful Friday and I will write again in the morning!