I am pretty bummed this morning, as I realized last night that I had the date wrong for a pumpkin carving get-together that I thought was today… but it’s actually next weekend.  😦  Boo!  Maybe I will still carve a pumpkin on my own?  All I know is that it’s a gorgeous day outside and I can’t wait to be in the fresh air.  Like, right this second.  It’s also possible that I could go to a coffee shop and write a little.  That might be nice.

I am feeling a little down today.  I am sure that will be fixed as soon as I actually get out of my bed though. 😀  You know what sounds good?  Eggs.  I love eggs for breakfast (which is soon to be lunch in disguise…).  I need to make that happen!

I think there is some significant change on my horizon.  Nothing to do with my personal goals, but in another realm of my life.  I am sure I will be writing about it in the next few weeks to come, but in the meantime, send me all the positive vibes you can.  I am going to be using every ounce of courage I have for this one, I believe.  But all for good things!

I am proud to report that I’ve eaten really good in the past few days, and I am feeling much better about my self-image.  I can get a little dramatic about that from time to time, but I think that is a pretty natural thing to do when you’ve lost a significant amount of weight.  In the back of your mind the greatest fear is that it might come back, so weight fluctuations can trigger insecurities.  Also, it is good to be reminded that I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want to. Balance must always be present.