Yesterday I did something that I haven’t done in a while… I cooked.  And it felt really good.  The kitchen in my mini home isn’t ideal, but it’s still functional I guess.  I really believe in spaces having certain kinds of energy, and before yesterday being downstairs in general wasn’t my favorite thing to do.  Since it has been getting chilly outside, I thought making some stew would be the best thing to experiment with.  That way I could also eat off of it for the next few days to save a little extra money.  I am a pretty instinctual chef (and I use the word chef loosely), as I never measure anything or follow a specific recipe.  I decided to go with a meatless stew, so it would keep even longer in my refrigerator.  Here is the laundry list of ingredients that I threw in a pot together:  water, canned crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, garlic, red onions, chicken bouillon cubes, pinto beans, potatoes, frozen mix of veggies (squash, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots), Brussels sprouts, baby portabellas, and finally some quinoa for texture.  It turned out delicious, and warmed my soul.  As it was cooking on the stove, the smells started to fill my house and it made me happy.  I turned on every light that I had downstairs which made it feel more alive.  Since there aren’t as many windows down there, it is much darker in general.  I think if I start spending more time cooking and keeping it well-lit then I might start to enjoy it more.

I am starting to feel the Halloween pressure to find a good costume.  I absolutely have to get a plan together this week before it’s too late!  There are soooooo many fun parties this year that I might die of excitement.  My costume debut always happens at The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the Alabama Theatre, which usually falls on the Friday of Halloween weekend.  We get there early and watch the two costume contests (last year several of us were actually in it) and dance to DJ Stevo, then stay for about half of the movie before heading on to the next party.  One of my favorite ones from last year was at the Avondale Castle which included a full on costume themed drag show. 🙂 Soooo much fun.  Saturday night is the annual Peaches and Scream in the arts district on 2nd Avenue North, plus my friend Phillip’s big party just a block away on 1st.  I still haven’t made it out to the haunted houses, so next weekend that is a must.  While Sloss Fright Furnace may not be that scary… it is super fun and a tradition that I don’t want to stop.

Last night while watching football with a group of people, I started to miss participating in sports.  I especially miss the adrenaline rush you get before and after a race, the sense of accomplishment of achieving something really hard to do.  With that being said though, I have lost a little bit of interest in the training needed to complete those things successfully.  I think hurting my knee earlier in the year really did a number on my confidence.  I was so heart-broken when I didn’t finish the marathon, and then on top of that having my Half Ironman compromised in a big way.  I realized that I am not unbreakable, that our bodies are indeed fragile.  That scares me for some reason.  That pain of disappointment was the utter worst.  But you know, maybe it just means that when I am able to do those things with success, especially the marathon, it’s going to be that much more special.  I have been keeping my running up lately with relative ease. Maybe today I will go for my first long run and see what happens.  This is the exact time I would need to start training for the Mercedes Marathon anyway, and I think I’m going to give it a go… but this time around I am going to keep my expectations in check and not push myself as hard.