My cat Kit-ten falls for it every morning.  After eating her kitty food downstairs, she comes back up and pauses at the top of the staircase looking for Baby Kitty (my other cat).  Just when Kit-ten thinks it’s ok to proceed, Baby Kitty lunges out from behind the closet curtain and attacks her.  It happens every single day the exact same way like clockwork… and it’s hysterical every time.  🙂

Speaking of cats, I’ve realized that there isn’t just one kitten in the alley… there are at least two, possibly three.  They just all look-alike – white with black spots.  I figured this out yesterday when they were both together running away from me like I was going to kill them or something.  There are also at least three stray adults with the same hair pattern, so they must all be related.  While Forest Park isn’t a bad neighborhood to be a stray cat in, they are obviously incestuous.  I feel a little responsible to try to get them fixed, but that would be pretty hard to do since they are all feral cats.  I am going to think about it.  It just isn’t right that they keep reproducing. Who knew that living in an alley would come with such responsibilities?  😉

Yesterday I made a pretty big decision that I will be sharing with you over the next week or so. It was a hard one to make, but I did it boldly and with confidence.  I think half of the things that I worry about have no merit… as what I thought would be a very complicated situation instead turned out to be very positive.  I learned that I am very much loved and appreciated by some very important people in my life, all the while delivering some news that they probably didn’t want to hear.  As I get older, I learn there is less and less to fear in having “crucial conversations” with people.  It is inevitable, and in the end it’s all about honesty and the strength in the relationship itself.  I have a personality dynamic that is probably pretty common – in some areas of life I will fight and be truly aggressive for what I want, while in other situations I will just roll over like a scared puppy.  It’s a matter of feeling secure enough to take risks, and it’s the risks that will get you places in life.