I had a really good night last night.  First after work I met my dear friend Debbie at the J Clyde for a drink or two and caught up on everything under the sun in both of our lives.  Debbie is such a breath of fresh air for me, and we always seem to cover the gamut of emotions when we are together.  After leaving her, I went to David and Vero’s house to accompany her to a Masquerade party… only to learn that I had the wrong night (that’s been happening a lot lately!!).  So instead we went as a group to Silvertron and had a yummy meal and great conversation. THEN, finally, I went to a really wonderful show at Bottletree and rolled home about 12:30 or so.  Wonderful night!

Today I am off of work and heading to Nashville with my friend Chex Knox Rox to celebrate her birthday and to see My Morning Jacket later on this evening.  Should be another good day… looking forward to getting out-of-town and just letting go for a short amount of time.  🙂  This weekend I plan to lay low and not be so busy!

Random: Yummy lunch yesterday at Urban Standard with my friend Lily! Grilled tofu on top of an Autumn salad.

It's a Debbie in the window!

David & Vero at Silvertron