I think I’m officially a My Morning Jacket stalker, since I have gone to three of their shows in the last 6 months.  🙂  However, I do have to say that the more I go the less special the experience is.  So I think I will wait until Bonnaroo 2012 to see them again.  It’s a little like eating ice cream every day… it’s good in theory, but you will eventually get sick of it.  (OK… maybe ice cream was a bad example.)

Speaking of ice, I figured out a few nights ago that my heater upstairs is broken.  It is so cold in my bedroom that when I woke up this morning Baby Kitty was under the covers with me.   I am going to need to that fixed ASAP.  Me no likey being cold.

I have a free day today leading up to the weekend.  I think I will go for a good run here in the next hour or so, then visit with my mom and the Lily Bean a little this afternoon.  Since I got home close to 3 a.m. last night, a nap will probably be in order too.  Sometimes when I am off on a workday I feel a little restless or guilty, so I am going to try to shake those feelings and have a relaxing day.  I deserve it.

I realized last night that I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping everyone up to speed on our short film, Crush! It is moving along nicely and on schedule.  Our editor Joe Walker has it pretty close to the final cut, and we are passing it along to Ted Speaker this weekend for the final phase of placing the music in.  Our goal is to have it completed in the first week or two of November, so it’s very exciting that we are almost finished! After we have the final movie, we will start submitting it to film festivals.  Hopefully it will have a good run… it’s always a gamble.  I am very proud of what it ended up being and I think others will enjoy it too.

Nashville on a beautiful day.

It's the Rapture! No, I kid. It's just a really creepy photo that I took while at My Morning Jacket.

Baby Kitty is cold. 🙂

Kitten catching some rays in the window.