Today should be a good day.  I’ve decided that I’m going to reinvent my wardrobe by visiting some thrift stores.  I think I could be a really cute dresser if I actually tried, and for some reason as of late the inspiration has struck.  My friend Vero is an expert thrift store shopper, and so is my mom actually.  I am learning that it’s important to have “basic” pieces that you can mix up with more creative clothes.  I also want to find some more big earrings, as they look really good with my haircut.  You know, in all 595 (!) posts I’ve done on The Jen West Quest, I think this is the first one where I’ve talked about something more external and internal.  I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m going with it.  🙂

I feel like I woke up this morning with a lot of self-awareness, clarity and confidence.  Not sure what triggered these positives vibes, but I’m going with.  Could be because I had a very quiet day all to myself yesterday.  I even went to see a movie alone, something I like to do from time to time.  I saw Paranormal Activity 3 which was a lot of fun & made me jump about 3 feet every ten minutes… but I needed the ending to be better than it was.  But that’s ok, that part was a very small fraction of the movie itself.  I think sleep also has a great deal to do with my outlook today as I got at least a good solid 10 hours last night.  Sometimes it’s weird spending time alone on a weekend, but it’s all in how you look at it.  Next weekend is Halloween and I am going to have so many things to do that I won’t be able to see straight.  And on top of that I start something pretty significant the following week.  So peace and rest are good right now.

One of the highlights of my day yesterday was spending some time with my niece Lily Bean.  Definitely made my heart explode with happiness.

Lily Bean

Lily has a crooked smile too!

Mom and Lily going for one of their afternoon walks.