Without going into too much detail, it’s time to spill the beans: I start a new job on November 1st!  While it’s definitely no secret that I love where I’ve been for the past few years, especially the people, this is an opportunity for growth that I couldn’t refuse.  It’s also a move outside of the non-profit world, which is bittersweet.  Having a cause is always a great motivator, but this specific move is going to allow me greater creative freedom and new responsibilities to learn from.  I am very excited indeed… so keep me on your mind as I go through this transition!  All positive vibes are accepted.

Last night I got down to the nitty gritty of my Halloween costume.  It’s going to be equally as awesome as my Katy Perry costume last year, I do believe.  I am glad I got started a few days ahead of time, as I have a lot of hot gluing and sewing to do.  My cats are especially enjoying the extra fabric and feathers lying around.  🙂  As a matter of a fact, Kit-ten never came back upstairs last night… she feel in love with all of the plastic bags and slept on them instead.

I have a big thing coming up in the next day or two – my 600th consecutive post!  That’s pretty hard to wrap my head around (that’s what she said!).  I’m not sure if that’s awesome or if I’m just plain crazy… or maybe a little of both.  People still ask me why I write every single day, and the answer is simple – it’s momentum.  I get great motivation from consistency, especially when everything else in life is changing at a rapid pace around me.  I was talking to a friend the other day about how everything in their life was new, just to realize that I also fall into that same category.  There are few things that are the same  compared to January of this year, and now adding to that a new job.  Sometimes significant change can leave you drained and unstable, but I think it’s done just the opposite for me.  Instead I feel challenged, energized, excited and powerful.  I did this all by myself, I changed my own life.  Things could have very easily stayed the same, as so many other people choose the path of least resistance.  I am proud of myself for going out on a limb and taking big risks.  And because of my actions, I think the coming rewards are going to make it all worthwhile.