Besides being in one of my favorite lines from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the word anticipation would be a pretty accurate word to describe my feelings for this weekend.  I am not sure where all of this excitement and energy comes from in general, and it is hard to contain if I’m being completely honest.  🙂  I actually wish sometimes that I wouldn’t get so excited about things because it makes me so wound up.  And I think I’ve said before in my blog that excitement and anxiety can be closely intertwined in my brain.  They feel very similar, except that one is obviously positive and the other is negative.

I think that I should have been a professional athlete, performer or something else outward because my energy levels are always through the roof.  And it’s not necessarily physical energy, it’s the kind that can express itself in many ways.  It’s like something inside of me wants to burst out when I feel it.  It makes me do silly things really lame happy dances in people’s offices at work. Or create elaborate Halloween costumes that I will only ever wear for 2 nights in my whole life.  I am definitely grateful for the enthusiasm, but when it turns into something else… that’s when I have to learn how to control it, which I think I have figured out how to do for the most part.

To quote another one of my favorite lines from Rocky Horror, “You’re lucky, he’s lucky, I’m lucky, we’re all LUCKY!  Ha ha ha ha ha…”.  Click here to watch Time Warp.