Day one of my new job went really great.  I spent most of the time going over my new responsibilities with someone who I’ll be working very closely with.  I know that I haven’t disclosed yet where I am working, and that is mostly for privacy purposes at the moment.  But I can say that I accepted a Marketing Director position outside of the non-profit world.  I went from a big hospital environment to a much smaller, but very successful, service provider here in Birmingham.  It was a risky move, as corporate jobs can be very stable and secure in a lot of ways.  However, I felt like this new position offered more experience to allow me to grow in ways that weren’t previously possible.  My new environment is also very creative and I’m surrounded by people with similar talents.  I really think it was a good move for me.  But my dear friends at my previous job are dearly missed, even though it’s only been a few days.  I think it’s mostly the realization that I won’t see them as often.

Today is a big day… because I finally get CABLE!  Rah!!!!!  It’s a whole new world and existence.  🙂  I decided that it was finally time while I was sitting at my sister’s apartment on Sunday flipping through all the channels.  There is a comfort in watching TV, especially on the weekends, that I miss.

Tonight is the big Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Festival on 2115 1st Avenue South from 5-10, one of my favorite annual things to do here in Birmingham.  I will be attending with my friends David and Vero, and if I have the time beforehand I also plan to paint my face.  But I’m thinking that I probably won’t be able to this time around.  Hope to see you there!