Not to get too out there, but do you ever think about how strange it is that we are even here to begin with?  Sometimes I feel like a preprogrammed robot in a singular existence just taking my marching orders as I go through life.  But we are the farthest thing from a robot.  We are human beings, with very fragile bodies that only last for a certain amount of time.  We have expiration dates.  While our brains are easily conditioned, they can also be unconditioned.  We have free will and choice.  So much so that it amazes me that we have any structure at all.  Our society is so complex and mostly driven by fear.  I wonder what life would be like if we didn’t have to make ends meet, support ourselves or have responsibilities.  There would probably be mass chaos, actually.  As humans we seem destined to have a purpose.  Destined to struggle and fight for our own quality of life.  And it must all be worth it because we keep bringing more humans into the world to have the same experience.  When life is good, it can be a high like no other.  When things are working, it all makes sense.

As I look around my place I see all sorts of things that have value to me and define a little of who I am.  In my bedroom there is a large table made from a childhood church door.  There are 5 pound hand weights laying in my dresser representing my on and off again love affair with exercise.  The TV came from my friend Courtney, who was also a coworker at my last job.  I have small wicker shelves that have traveled with me since college.  Every little thing around me has a story.  That’s why I think it’s so important to really define your space and surround yourself with things representative of you.  I have felt reinspired lately to start working on my mini-house again, mostly so I can make it a space that makes me feel truly comfortable and happy.  I think I’m about 80% there, so that last 20% will be the real cherry on top.