It was a great weekend with some of my favorite people on the whole planet, in a city that I’m actually starting to love – Atlanta.  When I lived there about 8 years ago I couldn’t have been more miserable.  I think it’s because I lived in a older neighborhood, and I had no clue where to go to be around people my own age.  My friend Susan lives near little 5 Points and Cabbagetown, where the hipsters thrive.  🙂  Have I mentioned how much I love hipsters?  Well, I do a lot.  That’s what I love about going to see Lee Ann in Louisville as well… hipsters are everywhere.  It’s not that I like people who try to purposefully stand out by the way they dress, it’s the free spirit and creativity that goes along with it.  When you are surrounded by hipsters, you are also more than likely surrounded by good food, good music, good art, and good times.  More often than not they are closely associated with causes that protect the earth and equality.  I like that a lot.

Do you have recurring dreams?  I do of all varieties and sorts.  One that I seem to have pretty often these days is being sent back to my old high school (Mortimer Jordan) for not finishing math class at the age of 32.  I spend the whole dream trying to figure out a way not to have to go back, while trying to keep it a secret because I am embarrassed.  I am always in the office trying to get my transcripts, and graduation is the next day.  I wouldn’t say it is a nightmare, but it definitely isn’t pleasant.  I also dream of forgetting my high school locker combination pretty often.  I never seem to dream about being in college, which is really strange to me.  Maybe high school scarred me for life.  🙂

Last night I got to spend some time with my sister and adorable niece Anna Banana, and while doing so I learned about The Gummy Bear Song.  It’s basically techno for babies.  I couldn’t stop watching.  Anna watched it over and over again on her iPad (yes, she has an iPad).  Did I mention that she is 1 1/2 and can basically operate a computer, and that is a normal thing these days?  It will be very interesting to watch her and Lily Bean grow up in this age of technology.

Gummy Bear on the iPad