I’ve decided to stop blogging every day… ahhh!!!  My goal from this point on is to blog only when I have content, roughly two times a week.  Somehow that seems harder to do, not having a firm daily schedule, but it will be good for me and my writing I think.  I hope all of you still come back and check in, because it feels like I am letting go of something important by doing this.  But it also feels like the right thing to do.  As I try to become more true to myself, I want to put less expectations and self-imposed rules on things that I love to do.  My blog is very important to me and it should happen on a natural schedule.  It will be very strange to not do a post tomorrow though, and I’m sure I will be a little sad.  But I haven’t lost anything really, I’ve gained more than I could have ever imagined from this little quest.  Thanks for reading.