It’s been a strange few days not posting in my blog, but it’s also been a little like turning over a new leaf.  I find myself thinking of things to write about, only to realize that it isn’t urgent for me to get it out there.  I keep telling myself that this isn’t anything unusual, that the fact that I was blogging everyday was out of the ordinary.  All that to say, getting back on the computer to write something feels really, really good.  I have missed my blog so much in the last few days.  If I could send it flowers, kiss it on the face, hug it, give it a high-five… I would.  🙂

Since I’ve had some extra creative juice left over, I’ve been working on some other things in my life that needed some right brain attention.  I’ve actually gotten the downstairs of my home in a state that I feel comfortable with… it just needed some extra warmth with candles and lamps.  Plus, having cable has made me want to spend more time just lounging around.  Lounging is good sometimes, especially when Sex and the City is on.

Tonight while buying groceries I purchased some milk that expires in the first week of January, 2012.  I realized that soon I will be looking back on this year as a whole comparing it to my dreams and hopes from almost 12 months ago.  I think it is pretty fair to say that I didn’t fully anticipate what was to come.  So many things are different now.  I don’t have a firm grasp on anything it seems… I feel like I should come with an asterisk that says *May be subject to change.  And while this all may seem like scary unchartered territory, and believe me… it has been on some levels, I don’t think I’ve made a bad decision yet.  I am going in the right direction, I can feel it in my bones.

Growing up, I always looked forward to getting older.  It seemed like the older you were, the happier and wiser you became.  On top of that, the age 32 (which I currently am) always seemed like it would be fairly significant… along with the age of 34.  No reason other than just a gut instinct.  From the outside, this year may seem like something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy – divorce, job change, big moves.  But it’s all been driven by choice, my own choice.  I have given myself an opportunity to totally reinvent my whole existence.  It’s pretty exciting when you look at it that way, because I know that I will take full advantage of it.

My sister and her fiance David at Oak Mountain State Park.

Going on a hike with my family. 🙂

Oak Mountain State Park