It has been a wonderful week full of friends, beautiful fall weather and family.  I know that the last day I wrote this week was on Monday, so this week coming up I plan to write at least three times.  Since I waited, I feel like there is so much to say but not enough word real estate to do it in.  Or at least not without boring you to tears.  So I will pick the highlights!

I officially have purple hair.  Well, maybe not purple-purple, but it definitely reflects that way in the light.  The color is called “bruise”, and Shelby McDonald at Richard Joseph in English Village applied it for me… along with a pretty rad new haircut.  It’s amazing how a different hair style can make you feel brand new.  With that being said sometimes I miss having longer hair, but the good thing is that it will always grow back if I want it to.

Last night I went to a fabulous dinner with the Birmingham Supper Club at Jason Wallis’s photography studio downtown.  There were about 30 people there, and we were all treated to a 4 course dinner by Chef Zach Meloy from Atlanta.  Here was the menu:

(Includes wine pairings)
-Grilled hearts of romaine, smoked chile cornbread, charred onion, shaved garrotxa cheese, dried cranberry, citrus vinaigrette
-Pumpkin seed crusted turkey breast, huitlacoche stuffing, salsa pipian, roasted brussels sprouts, walnut sable
Budin de calabaza, creme fraiche ice cream, gingersnap, chipotle spiced macadamia, rum marshmallow
-Candies and cordial

It was as amazing as it sounds.  He may be coming back for New Year’s Eve to cook again, and if that’s the case I know what my plans will be.

Today is my official family Thanksgiving Day, since everyone is going to be MIA for the actual holiday.  My parents will be gone camping and my two sisters and brother are all paired off at the moment.  It seemed kind of strange at first to be facing the thought of a major holiday alone, but it has turned out to be quite the opposite.  I have no obligations and I am free to do whatever I want.  Looks like I will be spending at least part of the day with my friend Courtney’s family, which I am really excited about.  I think it will be a nice holiday.  Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorites.

What else?  I feel like I am forgetting something.  Maybe it’s that I feel pretty happy right now.  I went to see my therapist on Monday, and I left there without scheduling another appointment.  In fact, I left early because of lack of things to talk about.  I knew this was coming over my last few sessions, as my outlook and perspective were getting rapidly better as time went by.  I left open-ended, saying that I would come back if I needed to, and she wished me well.  She had a lot of positive things to say about my ability to heal quickly and how far I’d come since early summer.  And it’s true, I have come a long way.  It’s not all roses all the time, but I am definitely surrounded by hope.

My friend Courtney. 🙂

Avondale Brewery - Really Fun

Birthday Time

Happy 1st Birthday to the Lily Bean!

Lily enjoying her cupcake. 🙂

My new hair! Color is called "bruise". It is a dark brown with a purple sheen. Done by Shelby McDonald at Richard Joseph!

The Dinner Table

Scott, Chef Zach Meloy (from Atlanta), and Jason Wallis (Host)

Final Course - Candies and Cordial

The Second Course - "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Birmingham Supper Club (Click to enlarge)

Yellow Leaves