Yesterday I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family a few days early.  Everyone was there – all eleven of us.  We ate turkey, baked pies, watched a “making-of” DVD of the Macy’s Day Parade… it was perfect.  I am one lucky girl to have such special people in my life.

I feel inspired to do a short “favorite things” list this morning.  So here it goes!

1.  Fuzzy house socks
2.  Grape Nuts
3.  Music CD’s in my car
4.  Cheesy weekend movies on cable
5.  My black riding boots
6.  Holiday scented candles
7.  My cat snuggling with my hand before going to sleep
8.  Friends of all types
9.  Adorable nieces
10.  Instagram (I am hooked, might be unhealthy) 🙂
11.  Food made with thought and love
12.  Morning Star’s Vegetarian Chili
13.  Fun tights
14.  Water infused with fruit
15.  The holidays!

Mike pushing Anna on the swing.

Amber and Lily

Christy and Dave

The turkey!

Dad cutting the turkey.

Mom got the turkey leg! 🙂

Rachel, Mike and Christy!

Christy's Homemade Apple Pie