I’ve been asked to share a unique quest with you guys that demonstrates the true spirit of giving this holiday season.  It’s about two very special people, Loy and Margaret Clark, who took the time to drive 42 lucky dogs over 1,350 miles to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston, ME in early November.  This was made possible by Shelter Partners, a program that transports dogs from our overpopulated shelter to various shelters in New England, where affordable spay/neuter services, enforcement of pet registration, and other animal welfare legislation have kept the dog population at bay. Since its inception in November 2006, Shelter Partners has saved the lives of nearly 5,000 dogs.  5,000!!  As the most recent dogs arrived in Lewiston a few weeks ago, people were waiting in lines to adopt them to their forever homes.

Loy and Margaret Clark are just a few of the people who make this journey happen for so many pups.  I got the privilege to ask them a few questions about their 1,350 mile quest, which wasn’t their first trip of this kind.  Click here to read my interview with the Clarks, and break out the happy tissue.

The purpose of sharing their story with you at this time is to bring awareness to the Shelby Humane Society Ornament Drive.  With the purchase of each $50 ornament, you can sponsor a pup to be sent to their forever homes in New England.  To choose the pup you’d like to sponsor, click here to see photos of the ones remaining to be saved.  The whole process can be done online.  What a difference you will make for one lucky dog and its new family this holiday season!

“The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals.”
~Mohandas Gandhi

Loy and Margaret!

Ready to go!

Two Lucky Pups 🙂