Today starts the beginning of a very social two weeks – lots of holiday parties, dinners with friends and work functions.  I have to say that I’m ready for it too after staying under the radar (mostly) for the past few weeks.  It will be good to see faces new and old.

Over the weekend I decorated my mini house with a few Christmas things – two mini trees, two mini stockings (one for Baby Kitty and one for Kitten) and mini beaded garland.  Can you tell what the theme is?  🙂  I might get fun lights if I can find some over the next week or so, but if not it is fine just the way it is I believe. I love looking at festive things… it’s like a party that never stops.

My mind has been drifting to 2012 for the past few weeks, and I’ve mostly been able to stop my forward thinking inclinations.  What’s interesting about me right now is that I’ve always, always, always had a goal or a vision of a higher self to attain… but currently I have mixed feelings about what it is I’d like to do.  Part of me wants to travel and see the world while reaching for big dreams, and another part of me wants a little stability… and maybe even a family.  Two very different ideas of happiness.  Maybe there is a happy medium, but whatever that is, thinking about it too much probably won’t help at all.  I want adventure, I want to accomplish big things, I want love, I want security… and somehow I think that those things are attainable in one package.  I’ve already had a taste of most them, just not necessarily together.  The only thing I can do at this very moment is to be happy where I am right now, and I believe that I am.  I just need to do things as I’m inspired to, and feel as I’m moved to.  Sometimes I compare my life to other’s expectations or to a normal protocol, but I’m the last person that needs any sort of cookie cutter pattern applied to their existence.   It is what it is, and I’m more than grateful to be a unique soul living an extraordinary life.

Craft Bazaar, ornaments at Naked Art

Drinks with friends for Beth's birthday!

Hole in my pants. (My mom's idea...)

My flourman.

Mom and Rachel making the dough...

Christy stealing a tea cake.

My childhood Christmas stocking that my mom made when I was a baby. 🙂

White Christmas, a tea cake tradition.

The view from Christy's back porch in Columbus, GA.

Party Bus Copilot Anna Banana