I think 2011 has positioned me for some significant positive opportunities in 2012.  The farther into December we get, the clearer the future becomes.  Yesterday I had brunch with my friend Graham, whom I’ve known for a long time but just recently became close to.  He is probably one of the smartest people that I know – a true intellectual functioning on a higher mental level than most others.  He is also very humble and down to earth while being very giving of himself.  What was supposed to be an hour long meal turned into a four-hour conversation about almost everything under the sun.  I left there feeling understood, inspired and validated.   He is the curator of American Art at The Birmingham Museum of Art, so stop in there sometime to say hi.  He is the real deal.

Speaking of people who understand your soul, I feel like I am surrounded by kindred spirits these days.  I’ve always viewed myself as being a little different (or, eccentric) from most people in this area of the country.  People use the phrase “free spirit” often when trying to describe me, but I’ve never really known exactly what they meant.  I find that since I’ve changed jobs to be surrounded by more creative “free-spirited” people,  I’ve also discovered a little bit more about myself.   These people who I’m around everyday really own their individuality and aren’t afraid to be unique and different.  Some are covered in tattoos, some wear beautiful bold makeup, while others express themselves through clothes and personality.  They also have big dreams and are passionate about their work, which makes it easy for me to market them during my day job.  Ambition is contagious though, and while I’ve always been fairly ambitious myself, I feel even more so in this environment.  It really makes me think about my own personal passions and goals, like writing and filmmaking.  They have taught me that in order to achieve something significant, you have to live and be it every single day.

Which makes me think, I wonder what would happen if I existed in a totally creative environment… not just at work.  If I was constantly inspired and felt like I belonged on every level.  I still think a move is in my future, but I don’t know where or when just yet.  I’m going to let that unfold naturally.