To read last year’s first Quest & Flashback post, click here!  My 2010 Flashback at this time last year was reflecting on the birth of my niece Anna Marie, and my 2011 Quest was to become a paranormal investigator.  🙂 Well, that didn’t exactly happen, but my love for hunting ghosts still remains… and probably better left as a Halloween hobby.

2012 Quest #1:  I resolve to take big risks.

I know this is a pretty general statement, but I’m not ready to verbalize (or bloggerize) it just yet.  There is one thing in particular that I hope I find the means and courage to do, and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time.  I’ve been given the opportunity this year to start over in many ways, and who knows how big of a window I have to make some of my bigger dreams a reality. So, I resolve to take advantage of this time and make it happen!

2011 Flashback #1:  I became more authentic.

Without a shadow of a doubt, if nothing else happened in 2011 I became a better version of me.  It happened because of some tough decisions that had to be made, and were.  I discovered the most amazing therapist who I was so lucky to accidentally find through a good friend.  Her specialty is helping others to find and listen to their authentic selves.  A lot of the pain I was feeling from the big changes surrounding me was able to be put at ease just by realizing that I was getting closer to a better version of myself because of it.  I made a lot of choices in 2011 that took some guts to follow through with.  And because of that, I say without hesitation that I couldn’t be prouder of “me” that has emerged and is continuing to unfold.

Freestyle handstanding with some of my best friends in Atlanta.