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2012 Quest #2:  To start blogging Monday through Friday.

Do you know what really works for me? A good old-fashioned schedule.  That’s why I’m going back to one for 2012, just not every day like I did for almost a year and a half when I first started out.  I love to start out my day with a blog entry, as my mind is most clear in the mornings and it helps me to focus on what’s important.  I’ve also developed a real passion for writing because of my blog, something I never really expected to happen.  I’m not saying I’m the worlds best writer, but I think I have relatable stories to tell… and I’m not afraid of being fairly open about myself.  As a matter of a fact the more I write about my daily life the more normal I feel, if that makes any sense.  And while the whole premise of my blog is to become “extraordinary,” I think most people would hope that for their own lives as well.  I am just really glad that I happened upon this medium of expression while also getting to document some pretty amazing experiences in my life.

2011 Flashback #2: Going to Bonnaroo for the first time.

Bonnaroo was a major shifting point for me this year due to how it was timed with other events in my life.  I was very excited to go, but honestly didn’t really know what to expect since I’d never been to a music festival before of that size.  It was such an adventure full of highs and lows – from only getting to use Porta-Potties for 5 days straight (low) and extreme heat (low) to listening to life changing music (high) and exposure to a great variety of people (high).  There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was having a good time or not, but from the second we left all I could think about was going again the next year.  While my friend Chez Knox Rox and I had some really great times together, my best moments were when I was walking around alone or taking naps in the shade between music acts.  I think what Bonnaroo did the most was remind me that there are so many experiences out there that I have yet to even know about and try.  Getting to do new things are what keeps us young in spirit.  Read my Bonnaroo recap post here.

Bonnaroo 2011