For last year’s fourth 2011 Quest, I resolved to stop caring so much about what other people think of me.   I’ve come a long way with that… while I still ask for validation sometimes through questions in unsure situations, I can confidently rely on myself in almost any circumstance.  I think a lot of that has come with living alone again and relearning independence in that way.  While there is no comparison to having a wonderful and supportive partner, we need to always be prepared to provide that emotional security for ourselves.

2012 Quest #4:  To become financially secure.

Since becoming single again, my bills have gone up… but I’ve been able to manage pretty well.   For 2012, I think it would be a wonderful goal to raise my standards for what I consider to be “financially secure.”  I’d like to have a good system for saving money and I’d like to invest more for my future.  Living paycheck to paycheck is no way to go through life, and there is no reason why I need to have that mentality or pressure.  The more I stay ahead of the game, the less I have to think about it during the times when I don’t want to.  Also I’d like more freedom to take random trips or make important purchases, and the only way to do that is to have a plan.

2011 Flashback #4:  Injuring my knee.

This was a devastating time for me.  I was so close to not only finishing my first marathon, but I was prepared to run it in a really good time.  About two weeks before the race in mid February, I felt a pain in my knee that I had never experienced before.  Since I’ve never had a serious injury, I tried to push through it.  When race day came, I made it to about mile 5 before breaking down in extreme pain.  I was a sobbing baby watching all of the other racers pass me by until Mike came to pick me up.  I had no idea what was wrong and I thought I was being a wimp for quitting.  I was even tempted to go back and finish by walking, but that even caused me pain.  Pain in my heart, and pain in my body.  Why was it so important for me to finish that marathon?  I have no idea, but I really really wanted to.  Mike make me a “Most Awesomest” medal anyway and my mom gave me flowers.  They did make it better as best as they could.  After seeing a doctor, turns out I had torn my inner meniscus on my left knee and had pretty bad inflammation all up in that sucker.  I had to go to physical therapy for about 10 weeks which got me in good enough shape to give my Half Ironman a shot in late April.  That was a big day for me and brought everything around full circle.  While I had to walk most of the 13 mile run portion b/c of a little pain, I was able to complete the 52 mile bike with no problems and I crossed that finish line like a champ.  Definitely one of the best highlights of 2011!

Most Awesomest Medal