Happy New Year!  2012, I have high hopes for you.

There is something I would like to start this year that I didn’t list in my resolutions – to eat more whole foods.  I recently became interested in eating more clean, local and even uncooked meals and snacks.  I also want to eat significantly less dairy and meat overall.  I gave almond milk a shot for the first time this week and it was really delicious while being low in calories and high in calcium.  I’ve recently developed an obsession with all things vegetable too, and there is a recipe for crispy roasted cauliflower that I am dying to try this week.  I’ve definitely been bitten by the health food bug…. without priority or agenda other than a pure desire to enjoy what I put into my body.

While the holidays were pretty good overall, I am really glad that they are over.  New Year’s Eve was a fun laid back night with friends.  I enjoyed that I didn’t have a tight schedule or something that I absolutely had to be at.  January 1st is always a strange day, isn’t it?  You are exhausted and relieved that the big December events are finally behind you, but now you are staring at the clean slate that is 365 days of a whole  new year.  A lot of people hit January a little too hard to undo some of the damage from holiday food, while others dive straight into other resolutions.  Of all the months in the year, I think that it is most important to practice moderation during this one.  Sometimes when you go at a goal too hard and too fast, you lose momentum quickly or risk burnout.  A year is the ultimate marathon, and endurance is the name of the game.

Last night I genuinely felt a little scared… scared of life, scared of 2012, scared of everything.  While I always know that everything will be more than OK, and that I am solely responsible for making my own dreams come true, sometimes it is just a little overwhelming.  It can all be boiled down to expectations, an evil yet glorious thing.  I am guilty of having really high expectations of myself, of others, and of life.  I expect to be happy.  I expect to be successful at whatever it is I want to do.  I expect what I feel is my due.  But it’s the unexpected that can really change your life, for the better or for the worse.  And you know what?  If I wasn’t scared of the future, then that means that something is terribly wrong… it means that I’m not taking any risks.  The greatest rewards come when you put it all on the table.

New Year's Eve