I woke up this morning feeling like life is good.  I was warm in my bed with a cute cat next to me, I had a good job to get up for, dreams to concur, and my body felt alive and healthy.  You know what’s the best? Waking up a few hours before your alarm is set to go off and realizing you still have plenty of time to go back to sleep.  What’s even better is waking up during an especially awesome dream and getting to continue it.  I am very happy with this Wednesday morning.

Some days you get a gift of better clarity, perspective and foresight.  This is one of those days.  I worked on my book last night and was very happy with the progress I made.  I am getting conflicting reports on what to do next however… some say that a solid outline and first chapter is enough coupled with my blog statistics, while others say that I will need a polished manuscript in order to get a publisher since this is my first book.  Either way I am going to start putting the project out there at the end of January in the hopes that I can at least get an agent, if not a book contract as well.  Having a good agent would be huge and a big confidence booster for me.  We will see what happens…I feel like I am ready to make this a reality and I have been following through with action.

This week I have been eating a lot of whole foods while eliminating processed crap, dairy and meats.  Basically, I have temporarily gone vegan just to see what it would feel like.  I do not plan to permanently stop eating dairy and meat, b/c I love both of them very much.  But it’s been fun to try something new and I feel like it’s been beneficial to my body in only a matter of days.  I thought eliminating dairy would be especially difficult, but it’s been no big deal.  The easiest thing I did was swap my regular 1% milk for almond milk.  It’s really tasty and even has more calcium.  I was afraid to try it honestly, but I was pleasantly surprised.   I’ve been tracking my food on Livestrong’s MyPlate app, and my protein intake has been above normal even without the meat and dairy.  That always blows my mind a little bit.  Anyway, this is just an experiment to broaden my horizons.  It’s been fun!