It’s been interesting going back to a regular blogging schedule (now Monday – Friday) after having about 2 months to post whenever I’ve wanted.  It’s such a great exercise to make yourself really dig deep to find that content buried within.  It is easier and harder in it’s own way… sometimes you’re left staring at a blank screen for longer periods of time trying to think of things to say, then the words just magically appear.  When I was blogging more sporadically, I almost had too much to say and it was harder to sort out what things were more important.  When you are on a routine, it forces you to find the words to say… because you just have to.

A friend of mine, Lindsay Garrett, threw out a simple thought on Facebook this morning:  So if this were your last year on earth… (fill in the blank).  I love questions like that.  If I had exactly one year to live, there are soooo many things that I’d want to do!  Here is a short list:

1.  Eat delicious and creative food
2.  Make delicious and creative food
3.  Love, love, love
4.  Be around others that I care about
5.  Take as many vacations as I can… top priorities would be:  New Orleans, New York, Italy, Europe in general, Northwest US, tropical islands, and California.
6.  Complete an Ironman
7.  Hold a printed copy of my book in my hands
8.  Make another movie
9.  Attend Sundance
10.  Attend a big music festival
11.  Get lots of massages  🙂
12.  Pamper myself
13.  Pamper my cats
14.  Sky Dive (maybe…)
15.  Laugh a lot
16.  Live a lot
17.  Be present
18.  Take a lot of walks
19.  Read important books
20.  Have fun, fun fun!