This has been a high energy Friday… probably the most active day I’ve had in months and it’s only halfway over!  I swear from the second that my feet hit the ground this morning it’s been GO GO GO.  Lots of excitement.  I am looking forward to a peaceful evening to balance it all out.

There is real value in routine and structure sometimes.  While my thoughts are usually preoccupied by things that excite me, my well-being very much relies on the expected.  Having a plan brings me comfort.  I like knowing that I am going to have a baked potato around 5:30 this evening.  I like my morning routine that I follow like clockwork before going to work every day.  I like that I can go to my parent’s house at certain times and my niece Lily will be there.  Simple things like that bring me a lot of joy.

It’s amazing how eating really well for a few days will make you feel so much better overall.  I feel lighter, my skin looks healthier, I have good energy, and I have momentum to continue forward.  On top of that, I am really excited to pick up my veggie box today from Freshfully!  😀  I think having a variety of different fruits and vegetables will encourage me to cook more in general and be more creative with my meals.  I will be sure to take lots of photos of my creations!

Work friends at a shoot for B-Metro