What a great weekend!  Well, Friday night I didn’t do much of anything (which was a joy in of itself), but Saturday was a really wonderful day.  After getting a good run in, I spent some time with my mom and sisters at my parent’s house.  Early afternoon we all headed out to a West family party at my grandmother’s nursing home since she is unable to leave at this point.  Her memory is rapidly fading, but I could tell that deep down she knew that having everyone in one room was a big deal.  It was nice to see family members that I haven’t talked to in years.  I stayed for about an hour, then zipped off to Atlanta for Susan’s birthday!  Once I arrived, Susan and I spent a few hours catching up one on one then headed to a really great restaurant called Bocado.  We took a risk and ordered pig’s feet off the menu (the waiter was very convincing) which ended up tasting pretty good.  With novelty foods like that though you always seem to remember what you are actually putting in your mouth, no matter how delicious it is.  Just to balance it out, we went extra normal for the main course.  Our other friend Jenny came later on during the meal and we had one more drink before heading home.

There is something about long car rides that I adore.  I guess it’s because I don’t have to do it too often, but I enjoy listening to my Pandora stations and just thinking.  I like the “escape” part of it too, as I know that I am going to a destination with new surroundings.  I’ve really come to like Atlanta from my short weekend trips to see Susan.  When I lived there in ’03 and ’04, I don’t think I could have hated it more.  To top the weekend off I had coffee with an old friend Sunday afternoon, which was a highlight.

To rewind back to the beginning, Friday afternoon I picked up my Freshfully box full of veggies and fruit!  I’ve had a fun time cooking & eating all of my goodies.  I snapped a few photos below of some of the creations I’ve already made in just the past 3 days.  It’s been great to have fresh local food just hanging out in my fridge waiting to be eaten.  So far, my favorite food item has been the Swiss chard!

Jenny, myself, and Susan in Atlanta

Susan's birthday in Atlanta!

My friend Meg models a mean wedding dress.

My Freshfully box came on Friday with a Lily Bean!

Popcorn from Freshfully.

Polenta with goat cheese, and Freshfully Swiss chard & radishes.

Greens with onion and pecans, all from Freshfully.