It’s not set in stone, but I think I’ve made a big decision – I’m not going to attempt a Half Ironman this year.  Why?  For two reasons.  Number one, my knee is giving me a little bit of a problem.  It just gets sore when I try to do more than a certain amount of exercise.  The two PT’s in my family say that my injury is definitely manageable if I ever want to attempt that distance again, but I will have to supplement with stabilization exercises and ice every time I do anything significant on it.  Honestly, I need to feel some significant passion to complete a Half again… and I’m borderline there. That’s just not good enough to stay injury-free.  The second reason why is because I want to enjoy exercise this year.  While I love a big goal and I love to train, I want to use that time for other things… like writing and being with other people.  Here’s the thing – I’m never going to be the best triathlete. It is something I really love, but when it boils down to it it’s just a hobby.  I have a real opportunity this year to do something significant with my writing, so I am choosing to put that effort in that direction.  This doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up sports, far from it.  I have no problem completing shorter distances and plan to still participate in local short distance triathlons and running races.  After saying all of this… watch this be the year that I actually win a slot in the Kona Ironman World Championship Lottery.  That would suuuuuuuuck. 🙂  But it doesn’t matter in the end, this year is for other goals.  I can always train up again next year for the Half, and maybe even a full Ironman.  And by then my knee might be even better.

Speaking of writing, I am on course for my end of January goal.  I’ve tracked down an agent in New York City who is going to look over my outline and first chapter, and give me feedback based on what I’ve got so far.  That’s exciting!  The more I talk to people about my concept, the more ideas I get.  I’m still a little shy about the fact that I’m doing another romantic comedy, but honestly I kind of dig the direction it’s going in.  Last night while writing in a local coffee shop, I randomly sat next to a table of writers who were also working on book projects.  I picked their brains a little about the process, as some of them had almost complete manuscripts and were in the last phases of completion.  In a time where almost anyone can write a book and get it published (whether on your own or through a publisher), it kind of lights my fire a little to know that I can be competitive.  Sometimes you can just feel things in your bones… and this is one of them.  I kind of know that I am going to knock this one out of the park.  Not that it is going to be easy, but I’ve got what it takes.