I have been seeking comfort for the past few days.   There’s nothing wrong, it’s just that sometimes you need to feel warm inside.  Could be because of the rain, it could be because it is January, it could be for countless reasons.  I have a go-to list of things that I like to do for myself when I feel this way:  a nice bath, eating warm food, exercise, sleep, soft warm pj’s, massage (waaaay overdue), and writing/reading.  Solitude can also feed my soul in ways no other thing can.  Last night I camped out on my couch and watched Sleepless in Seattle (for the first time!).  It was a night made just for me – peaceful and relaxed.

I have a pretty busy few months ahead of me.  Next weekend I go to New Orleans for a work conference for about 4 days, next month is my birthday (woo!), April is Greece, and June is Bonnaroo.  I am still looking for possible trip buddies for the last two.  There is also a possible girl’s trip in late February in the works that may or may not happen.  If it doesn’t, then I need to figure out something fun for my birthday!  I’ve been asking myself what I’d like to do if I could do anything… and I haven’t come up with a good answer yet.  Honestly, I would have fun doing just about anything if I was in the right company.  I still have over a month to figure it out, so I’m sure something will come up between now and then.

For my day job I post a lot of morning affirmations on our social media sites.  Sometimes I pay attention to them, and sometimes I don’t.  I think it is a little ironic that I found myself in the beauty and wellness industry, as both of these concepts are of interest to me at this point in my life.  I don’t necessarily want to be “beautiful”, but I do want to look my best… and at times in the past I’ve put my energy and focus into other areas of my life.  Being around people who look really attractive on a daily basis has encouraged me step up my game.  It’s pretty obvious how the wellness part ties in, as that’s always been high on my priority list.  However, my definition of wellness changes from year to year.  I used to think that it was tied into my physical appearance, when it actuality it’s only a small part.  I also thought that wellness was directly related to my physical capabilities.  That’s only a small piece as well.  Wellness is being healthy in all aspects – mind, spirit, and body.  For me, the most important one being mind.  Which gets my back to me morning affirmation thought.  It’s all in what we tell ourselves.  It’s all in what we visualize for our own lives.  If I tell myself that I am lonely, then I probably will be.  If I tell myself that I enjoy this opportunity to get to know myself better, then I will.  It seems easy, and definitely easy to understand, but putting it in practice literally takes practice.  I have been working on my self-talk.  I’ve never had a problem with making myself believe I can do anything I want in my career or passion of choice.  My weaknesses usually lie in how I see myself in the personal realms.  I will never be the perfect positive self-talker, but I make huge strides every year with it.