It’s Friday the 13th!  🙂  According to Susan Miller, this is supposed to be an amazing weekend.  All I know at this moment is that it looks reeeeeally cold outside.  I am going to be doubling up on my layers before heading out to work!  This is definitely a big scarf and fuzzy socks kinda morning.

There is a moment that I’ve been thinking of a lot lately.  Sorry if I’ve written about it before, but it’s fresh on my mind today.  There was something significant that happened to me when I was 18, a distinct feeling that I had when my life was about to change that I will never forget.  After my high school graduation, I was on a plane to Chicago to attend a summer early college program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  I had an eery feeling that I was leaving behind life as I knew it forever.  When I was to return in the fall I would immediately move to college and away from my family in Morris indefinitely.  I’ve always been tremendously sentimental, while also not afraid to leave what is “comfortable.”  A strange paradox sometimes.  Anyway, while sitting on the plane I started to cry from an overwhelming flood of emotions.  Part of me was so terribly sad to leave  my mom, dad, two little sisters and brother in the life that I knew so well… but something greater was waiting on the other side of that plane ride.  And it was.  I got to meet people of all kinds at the Chicago Art Institute, while being exposed to big city life.  I rode the train to visit new parts of town and painted nude people all day (was there for a painting the figure course).  🙂  I met new friends from all over the country, and my horizons broadened.  I almost considered staying there for college, but I came back to Alabama where I had a full art scholarship…and sadly, where the boy I was dating was (that never gets easier to admit!).  While a part of me wonders what would have happened to my life if I had stayed in Chicago, ultimately that’s not what happened.  I went on to school back here in Alabama and had an amazing time.  One of the best times in my life so far, actually.  I am looking forward that kind of adventure again.  I am looking forward to the unknown.

I have a few things up my sleeve that could shake things up again for me.  And honestly, half the fun is just dreaming about the possibilities.