Soooooo, this weekend I go to NOLA for 4 days… wooooo!!  It’s for a work conference and a handful of my coworkers will be attending as well.  Any reason to go to New Orleans is a good one, and I’m especially happy to be going with the crew that I am.  In preparation, Shelby is going to do my hair the deep natural purple again with a few surprise lighter sections around my face.  He always does such a good job.  As always, I will post photos once it is finished!

With every passing day my heart heals a little more.  I spent some alone time last night just to help with the process.  The last thing anyone should do is ignore feelings of pain or push them to the side.  They are there for a reason – because you lost something valuable and significant in your life.  Letting the sadness go its own course also brings more clarity.  While I’ll never understand why that had to happen, it did nonetheless and I have to move on.  Plus, I want to remember her as often as I can.

Do you ever wonder why things that are made by other people mean so much more?  For example, I could never recreate the magic that is my dad’s scrambled eggs (aggs) or sheep herder spuds.  Well, I often try, but it just isn’t the same.  Maybe it’s just the idea that someone else is taking care of you, which then makes what would be an ordinary event more meaningful.  Or maybe a little piece of them is given to you each time they share something that they’ve had their hands on.  There is nothing I love more than food prepared by someone else, or a piece of art that was made by somebody that I know.  It adds so much value to life to know that beautiful experiences often come as gifts from other human beings.  A continuation of positive energy being passed back and forth.  So what do people do who live in solitude for so long?  I think you can also get that same kind of energy from nature.  It’s all about a connection with the things you interact with the most.  If we take care of our house, it will take care of us.  If we love our pets, they will love us.  If we give, we receive.  Just another form of what we’d call karma.