Happy Friday, friends!  I love it when this day rolls around.  I did wake up feeling a little tired though…not sure why.  I guess it’s just been a big week, and I’m also mentally preparing for a bigger weekend in New Orleans. I am a little sad to leave Baby Kitty all by herself for 4 days after everything that’s happened, but I’ve arranged for special visits that should brighten her day while I’m gone.

My first book deadline is rapidly approaching on February 1st, and I believe that I’m gonna make it.  My goal was to have a solid fleshed-out outline and a first chapter written.  Not only will I have those two things done, but I may even have a partial second chapter down.  I’m also making headway in other areas that will help me to write later chapters in the coming months.  For me, I have to experience or become familiar with whatever it is that I’m writing…basically the “write what you know” theory.  So not only will doing the things that I want to write about help with the execution of my book, but it will also knock off some of my 2012 resolutions.

Last night while looking for a CD that I burned with some old work files, I took a little unexpected trip down memory lane.  When I moved into my mini house, I had to pack up a lot of my little odds and ends in a storage closet that I have downstairs.  One of the coolest things that I found was an old postcard written by someone who I met at a work conference about 4 years ago in Indianapolis.  We did a group exercise where you had 60 seconds to tell someone your life, and they in turn had to write a story based on what they remembered on the back of a postcard.  At the end of the exercise, we got to keep what the other person wrote.  I really loved mine…it had phrases like “creative spirit” and “bright future”, which made me feel inspired and glad to be me.

Next time you hear from me on Monday morning, hopefully I will have eaten a beignet or two and have some powdered sugar on my nose.  🙂  NOLA, here I come.