What a great trip.  We got home last night around 9:30 and I was greeted at the front door by a very happy Baby Kitty.  🙂  The last four days have been filled with lots of stimulation and inspiration from futurists and philosophers.  A lot of the speakers talked about ideas that were applicable in almost any area of life or passion.  I feel like this was a trip that I was meant to take.  There is something about New Orleans that always energizes my spirit and makes me excited for life.  The air is thick with mystery, fun and experience.  It awakens a wild part of your soul.  I had several enlightening moments in a short amount of time, both inside and outside of the conference itself.  I’m ready for the big things to come.

It is a fact that our world will change exponentially every year until we leave this earthly existence, but some things will hopefully stay the same.  Like the unique experience of eating a fresh beignet in New Orleans French Quarter…and how it feels to be in love, to laugh, and to have genuine connections with others no matter what the medium.  I think what we currently view as a “normal life” and as “normal relationships” will drastically change in the next 20 years.  While traditions will always exist, new ideas on quality of life will be introduced and incorporated.  But you know what will never change?  The importance of loving one another.  The coolest thing I probably heard all weekend was the notion that we are all one combined energy, that we can live life as if in a lucid dream by pulling back from our physical bodies.  Tim Freke might be a real freak to some, but he made me think.  And for that I promptly bought his book.

This specific conference was for people who work in the beauty industry…so needless to say I was surrounded by all different types of what one would interpret as beautiful.  Some had colorful hair and tattoos, some were sophisticated and classic, while others fit no specific description.  But what seemed to be a common thread was the direct connection with their authentic selves.  They weren’t afraid to express who they were on every level – internally and externally.  Everywhere we went you could hear the locals say that “the pretty people were in town.”  And it’s not that they fit the standard definition of what “beauty” is for body types & such, but they no doubt worked with what they had and presented the best version of themselves at all times.  There is something to be said about appearance that signifies a person who is proud of who they are.  We could all learn a little confidence from these visually expressive spirits.

A photo of a of Jackson Square in our hotel room.


The city of New Orleans was prepping for Mardi Gras during our visit.

Mardi Gras beads!

Baby Kitty and her new favorite pen from New Orleans. She slept with it all night. 🙂