Last night I enjoyed a yummy home-cooked meal prepared by my friends Charles & Carrie Beth.  I love spending time with them…they always make me feel so welcomed and loved.  Sometimes you just need to be around good friends, and last night was the perfect example.  They fed my soul in more ways than one.  We talked about memories, future plans and general life happenings.  I left in a much better headspace than when I arrived!

I am looking forward to some quiet time this weekend to get some personal things done.  It’s been a busy 10 days and I need to put some energy back into my being.  I feel the need to go within myself and recharge.  I think a nice coffee shop, my laptop and good music will do just the trick.  Writing has become a nice way to escape lately.  The older I get, the more I fall in love with words.  Even if I am the only person who ever sees some of the things that I write, it is such a release to let thoughts and ideas flow from my spirit.  I used to think that art was only a visual medium, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  There is something magical about painting a picture purely from description, and letting your reader create the masterpiece in their own minds.  It ends up being something more intimate to the interpreter, I think.

There is nothing more powerful in life than to be a master of your own feelings.  I am a fairly sensitive person, which has its ups and downs.  I am capable of deep, intense understanding…while on the flipside I can sometimes be easily hurt by others.  It has been a lifelong challenge to build confidence in myself and to not need reassurance from someone else.  Most of the time I have a good handle on it, but every now and then – especially when I am tired – I feel my sensitivities rise.  I can be unfairly hard on myself, but luckily it is usually short-lived.  It is probably obvious at this point that I am currently feeling this way, but I think a few days of rest and expression will effectively push the reset button.

Herb-Stuffed Scallops with Asparagus, Almonds & Citrus...made by Charles & Carrie Beth!

Champagne with friends.