Some days come and go, while others leave you significantly moved and inspired.  This happened to me unexpectedly yesterday when I met the Edgar family.  We do a lot of charitable giving at the place where I work, and I am the one responsible for managing who gets what.  There are so many deserving nonprofits & fundraisers out there (and don’t forget, Thursday is Alabama Gives Day!!), but sometimes you are moved on a deeper level of urgency for some causes.

I got an email over the weekend from Carol Edgar writing on behalf of her brother, Wes Edgar (age 31), who is now on the Kidney Transplant List at both Piedmont in Atlanta and Vanderbilt in Nashville.   Wes was diagnosed in July, 2011 with End Stage Kidney Disease.  In mid-August, he had surgery to prepare for peritoneal dialysis at home and hemodialysis, if it becomes necessary. He has now started peritoneal dialysis on the cycler machine, which allows him to sleep while his dialysis is being done.  Wes is doing fairly well on this treatment at this time, but he needs to have a kidney transplant as soon as a donor is found (living or non-living).  In late December, Wes developed an inguinal hernia and had surgery for repair.  Then in early January, his dialysis catheter clogged and another surgical procedure was necessary.  His hemoglobin level is extremely low and results in fatigue.  He is taking injections periodically to try to elevate this level.

I was moved by his story, and promptly signed us up for their silent auction and left an envelope for them downstairs.  As I was leaving later that day to meet with a coworker, they both just so happened to be standing in the lobby.  I got to meet Carol and Wes face-to-face.  It took my breath away, literally, to see someone standing before me who could possibly die if action isn’t taken.  He had a light in his eyes, and a smile on his face.  We talked for a while and I got to hear more about his story.  I was reminded about how fragile our bodies are…it made me feel vulnerable, yet lucky.  He told me that he was a singer, and that he would be performing at the event that would hopefully save his life.  When we parted, I knew that I wanted to help them in any way that I could to raise awareness about “When Words Aren’t Enough” on March 4th (flyer below).  Please take a look and consider how you might be able to help.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, feel free to call Carol Edgar at 205-520-6789 or email her at  You can also visit to make a financial donation, just type Allen Edgar in the patient finder and you will be routed to his page.

Flyer for "When Words Aren't Enough", click to enlarge.

Wes Edgar