Happy February 1st! Since it is a leap year, my niece Anna and I get 29 days to celebrate our birthdays. 😀 She turns 2, and I turn 33.

While Amber and my brother are out of town for a few days, my other niece Lily has been spending the night over at my parent’s house…which I means that I’ve gotten to see her even more than usual lately. That always makes for a very happy Aunt Jen. I have already become well versed in Elmo and The Wiggles. Speaking of The Wiggles, those guys have to be millionaires leading a very PG life. They struck some serious gold without having much in the way of talent. But, I do find myself being sucked in by the terribleness. I guess all it takes is one big idea to make it big.

This morning I am sitting in a room at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens as we prep for a big work photo shoot. The Arcade Fire Pandora station is blasting in the background, and smells of coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts fill the air. I even found a dress to wear to the Apollo Ball Saturday night on the clothes rack (thanks Shelby!!). I am surrounded by hipsters and creativity…a great way to spend what would have been an ordinary Wednesday morning.

Anna turns 2 this month!

Dad & the Lily Bean wearing an Alabama Auto Tops hat. Shop baby! 🙂