What a WEEK.  I am so happy that it is Friday.  This girl is ready for a glass of wine.  😉

I need to start keeping a notebook next to my bed at night, as some of my best blog ideas happen when I’m about to fall asleep.  I always assure myself that I will remember in the morning, but alas, I never do.  I wish I was one of the types that could immediately hit the pillow snoozing…instead it takes me anywhere from 20-45 minutes to finally doze off.  In that time though somewhere between awake and asleep, I get some of my best ideas.

Last night I had a date with my mom and we did something highly unusual – we went to The Olive Garden.  We are both fairly anti-chain and try to eat at  locally owned restaurants 95% of the time…but last night we decided to take an adventure to faux Italy.   It was a lot of fun, actually.  We had great conversation over salad, breadsticks and spaghetti.  After dinner we went to the thrift store and I picked up a few new awesome things for my wardrobe.  I’ve only discovered the beauty that is thrift store shopping fairly recently, and I have to say that I’m pretty hooked.  You can find some really great pieces for literally pocket change.

We also went to visit my grandmother West last night at the nursing home for a little while.  Her body just keeps going and going at the old age of 93.  She was on a roll with the jokes…even with very little memory left she can fire a fast one at you if you aren’t paying attention.  She had me laughing the whole time we were there.  I wonder though how truly happy she is.  Her body hurts, her memory is almost gone, and she is surrounded by strangers most of the day.  She still finds a way to be positive though, most of the time.  When it is time to say goodbye, she always says how much she loves you and how beautiful you are…even if she can’t remember your name.  She is so full of grace and light.

Grandma West

The West Siiiiide (in my best gangster voice...).