I had such a good weekend full of friends, fun, and rest.  The highlight, of course, was the Apollo Ball on Saturday night that I attended with my friends Vero, Ricardo, David, and Sarah.  My dear friend Shelby McDonald styled the whole look for my Cinderella debut.  🙂  Earlier in the week during our work photo shoot he pulled a dress from the wardrobe rack along with a faux fur wrap and said – you are wearing this.  It fit perfectly.  A few hours before the ball on Saturday I went over to his & Jonathan’s place to get my hair & accessories done.  I had requested a fauxhawk, but Shelby said that I should just trust him as he had a different look in mind for me.  I ended up with a gorgeous retro hairstyle with a custom-made (by Shelby) crystal hairpiece on the back.  I called it my chandelier all night.  Every gay man in the place went nuts over it.

So instead of losing my glass shoe like the traditional Cinderella story goes… I tripped and fell down the stairs when we first got there.  I am not used to wearing high heels and a floor length gown, hence nearly falling on my face.  I am sporting three colorful bruises on my legs to show for it.  I laughed it off, patched up my ego and moved on with the evening.  Just a small glitch on the radar of a very fun night!

On Sunday I spent the better part of the day with my friends Deke & Misty shooting their engagement photos around town.  I do not claim to be a photographer by any means, but I can pull off a good shot or two outdoors if the weather is cooperating.  I am also a Photoshop wizard, quite literally.  🙂  So whatever I lack in photography skills, I can usually make up for it in post.  They are two of my favorite people on the whole planet so it was great fun to share the afternoon with them.

There is a word that comes to mind often these days…and it is adventure.  I want an adventure.  Things don’t always happen quickly in life, but I am trying my best to create some exciting opportunities.  Misty told me yesterday that ever since she’s known me I’ve been looking for something.  I think that is a fair statement.  What that is though, I have no idea.  However, I do have specific ideas on some possibilities.  Here is the trap I need to always watch out for – being able to be content in the here & now.  I am so future oriented, always focusing on the “what’s next.”  What about right now?  I am well aware that right now is all we ever have.  It’s just that sometimes I’m not where I’d like to be at that very second.  Or feeling what I’d like to feel.  Then I question, am I just spoiled?…or do I expect too much?  Hmmmmm, I go back and forth on it.  So far I’ve lived my life the best that I could, and I have zero regrets.  I’m happy with that I’ve done & experienced so far.  I am proud of the person that I’ve become.  So maybe I’m doing something right after all…

February Flowers

Microlove opening at Naked Art Gallery from Friday night. This stuff was TASTY.

Shelby custom made this out of random pieces of crystal. It was a hit.

Thank you Shelby McDonald for doing my hair & styling!!


Dinner before the show.

The ladies. (Faux fur!)

Vero & her new man necklace. 🙂

My friend Will!

Apollo Ball Runway